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About me

I am a driven communications professional with more than 5 years of experience building employee culture and communications strategy at a Fortune 500 company.

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Currently a Communications Manager for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, I bring more than 5+ years of experience across more than 3 areas of The Walt Disney Company.

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I’m passionate about learning from and connecting with others around the world; let’s share our knowledge!



Welcome, y’all!

I’m Dani, a communications professional based in Southern California who’s passionate about building strong employee culture and communication strategies.

Dani is dressed in a blue mock neck top and brown pants. She is grinning while holding a popcorn bucket of Pete's Dragon, Elliot.

Dani koontz

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Want to learn more about what I’m up to? As long as you’re not opposed to constant theme park photos, follow me on the channels below!